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Sandton, SA

April 30th
Gate Ministries Sandton

Thursdays with Thamo









The Apostolic School of Ministry

The ASOM was founded by Thamo Naidoo after he received the divine conviction in 2000 that church leaders needed to be prepared for the Apostolic Reformation. The origins of the Apostolic Reformation – a movement calling for a reformation of the church, specifically its message, governmental structures, policies and functionality – can be traced back to the early 1990s.

It was with this principal mandate that the ASOM was launched in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 2001 and has since been established as an apostolic resource platform to assist leaders receive instruction and guidelines for transition into the apostolic season. After 13 years of schools hosted biannually in Pietermaritzburg, Sandton now serves as the hub for schools hosted internationally. The ASOM is currently held in five other countries namely, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and the Dominican Republic

Perspectives on the Apostolic

Perspectives On the Apostolic is a ministerial and leadership forum directed at pastoral elders and leaders in the market place. The objective of the POA is to present a Christocentric gospel of present truth, together with biblical and prophetic perspectives relevant to the current season, known to many in church circles as the Apostolic Reformation.

Over the years the POA has received critical acclaim as a conduit for bringing together the church in the city. Since its inception in Pietermaritzburg more than a decade ago, the POA has grown exponentially and is now held in key cities in South Africa.


Apostolic Leadership Summit

The Apostolic Leadership Summit (ALS) was established at Gate Ministries Sandton in February 2014. A watershed moment, this platform was created to introduce and advocate the Apostolic Season to church leaders and gatekeepers of different sectors of society. The ALS has gained phenomenal momentum since its inaugural convening and is now a national and global event.

It is clear that the Church is being brought to attention concerning the demands of heaven that must be established in the earth. We are being called to return to ancient biblical pathways, to rediscover the mind of God. For this reason the ALS seeks to connect apostolic leaders from all nations across the globe to bring about a confluence of streams within the apostolic reformation.

The ALS hosts key apostolic leaders from across the world, who have earned the reputation to be recognised as leading voices in an emerging season that is calling for the reformation of church and society.

2020 itinerary

Apr 18

Brooklyn, NY

May 2

Chicago, IL

Aug 10

New York, NY

Sep 12

San Francisco, CA

Oct 28

Houston, TX

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